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Members of Resolution Chambers International have over 30 years of experience in disputes both in the UK and across Europe. They are also dual qualified in UK as well as Hong Kong.

Julian Cohen was called to the Bar in England in 1990 and joined the London construction practice of an international law firm in 1993. He moved to Hong Kong in 1998 with the firm, leaving as a Partner in 2009. He started practice at the Hong Kong Bar in 2010 and founded Resolution Chambers in 2021. He acts as advocate and also arbitrator in arbitrations seated across Europe as well as arbitrations where the substantive law is English or other European Laws. He has extensive experience both in Common Law and Civil Code jurisdictions. 

Andrew Lynn has a strong practice in commercial and chancery litigation as a dual-qualified English and Hong Kong barrister, with full practising rights in both jurisdictions. He is an associate member of 5 Stone Buildings in London. 

Members of Resolution Chambers International have experience in Europe in:

Czech Republic


United Kingdom


 International Arbitration in a wide variety of seats.

Commercial and Company Arbitrations

Construction, Engineering, Energy Arbitrations,

as Advocates or Arbitrators.

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Trusts, Pensions, International Succession, Estates, Wills, High-Value Probate.

Real Property, Art, Crypto.


Agency & Distribution Agreements, Cross-Border Investments, Intellectual Property, Joint Ventures.


 Professional Services, Sale of Commodities & Goods, Crypto, Real Property.


 Shareholder Disputes.

Cargo Ship at Sea
Trading Graphs on Computer Monitor


Shareholders Disputes, Minority Shareholder Protection, Investment Disputes, Joint Ventures, Cross-Border Investment,



Building Projects, Capital Works & Infrastructure, Civil Engineering Projects.

Major Capital Projects, Transport Infrastructure, Airports, Marine Ports, Roads, Rail, Canals, bridges & Tunnels. 

Residential Developments, Commercial Developments, Hotels, Process Plants. 

Consultants, Contractors, Developers, Employers, Owners, Sub-Contractors.

Under The Bridge
Solar Panels


Green Energy, Hydro-Electric, Solar, Wind  Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Stations.

Renewables, Energy Transition, Security of Energy, Decommissioning, Extended Life Span.

Consultants, Contractors, Developers, Employers, Owners, Sub-Contractors.


Cross-Border Property, Cross-Border Trust Disputes, Real Property, Intellectual Property,

Crypto, Art.

Trusts & Estates of

High & Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. 

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